Laws and Regulations
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Sub-category: Laws and Regulations

Islamic Banks-Regulatory and Legal Frameworks-BDL-2018
Regulations Governing Credit Bureaus' Lending Activities-BCCL-Circular 1-2017
List of Main Banking & Financial Regulations 1956-2016-ABL
Debt Restructuring 2016 BCCL Circular 284 (Arabic)
Terrorism Financing-Law No 77-2016
Prohibition of Bearer Shares and Promissory Notes-Law No 75-2016
Exchange of Tax Information-BDL Circular 138-2016
Credit Bureaus-BDL Circular 2-2016 (Arabic)
Law-Trustee Tax Obligations-2016 (Arabic)
Exchange of Tax Information-Law No. 55-2016 (Arabic)
Law-Bearer Shares Banned-2016 (Arabic)
Banking and Financial Regulations 2015 FRI
Declaration of Cross-Border Transportation of Money-Law No 42-2015
Mergers and Acquisitions Between Banks-2014- Blominvest
Central Bank Circulars 2013-2014 ABL (Arabic)
Regulations Governing Foreign Exchange Institutions 2014 BDL (Arabic)
Regulations Governing Lease Finance Companies-BDL-2014
Upper Limits of Credit Risks-BCCL-Circular 276-2013 (Arabic)
Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS)-BDL-2012
Regulations Governing the Operations of Foreign Banks Representative Offices in Lebanon 2012 (Arabic)
Regulations Governing the Establishment and Operations of Money Dealerships-2012 (Arabic)
Regulations Governing the Establishment and Operations of Financial Institutions-2012 (Arabic)
Banks’ Securities and their Real Estate Assets-Law 308-2011
Basel III Regulatory Framework-2010
Soft loans for bank mergers-Decree 1423-2009
Regulations Governing the Establishment and Operations of Specialized Banks 2008 (Arabic)
Regulations Governing the Establishment and Operations of Commercial Banks 2007 (Arabic)
Establishing Islamic Banks-Law 575-2004
Monitoring Banking Operations for Fighting Money Laundering –BDL Basic Circular 83-2001 (Arabic)
Combating Money Laundering-Law 318-2001 (Arabic)
Electronic Banking & Financial Transaction Regulations-BDL's Decision No. 7548-2000
Rules and Regulations Governing the Establishment of Banks-2000
Facilitation of Bank Mergers-Law 192-1993
Code of Money and Credit-1963
Banking Secrecy Law-1956