Laws and Regulations
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Sub-category: Laws and Regulations

Syndicate License Application Instructions
Documentation for Laborer Work Permit
Documentation for Residency Application
Application Procedures at National Employment Office
Documents for Retirement Salaries
Documents for Domestic Workerís Permit
Documents for Foreign Proprietors and Workers
Documents for Representatives of Foreign Companies
Documents for Work Permit
Documents for Prior Approval for Work Permit
Labor Law Provisions on Termination of Employment
Labor Law Provisions on Work and Rest Hours
Evolution of Minimum Wage and Minimum Wage Index 1965-1996
Jobs Prohibited for Individuals Under 17
Public holidays 2003-2009
Sick Leave Pay Entitlement
NSSF Contributions and Subscriptions by Category and Contributor
NSSF Law (Arabic)
Labor Law (Arabic)
Obligations and Contracts Law (Arabic)
Lump Sum Profit per Activity (Arabic)
Categorization of Foreign Workers in Lebanon MOL (Arabic)
Foreign Workers Regulation Decree 1964 (Arabic)
Labor Law Arbitration Decree 1980 (Arabic)
Public Sector Employees Manual (Arabic)
Syndicates Organization Decree 1952 (Arabic)
Workplace Inspection Decree 2000 MoL (Arabic)
Artistic professions Regulation Lebanese University (Arabic)
Doctors Profession Regulation (Arabic)
Engineering Profession regulation (Arabic)
Nursing Profession Regulation (Arabic)
Collective Labor Contracts and Arbitration Law (Arabic)
Work Accidents Decree (Arabic)
Lawyer Profession Organization Ministry of Justice