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ICT Investment Analysis
ICT Factbook 2018
Digital Arab World
National Datacenter
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Investment and Digital Economy
Perspectives on Digital Economy
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Analysis of ICT Sector 2014
Technology investment incentives
Boosting Tech Innovation Ecosystems in Cities
Compliance Gap in Software 2014
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Measuring the Information Society 2013
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National Profile of the Information Society 2013
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IT Sector - 2012
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ICT Adoption and Prospects in the Arab World 2012
Measuring the Information society 2012
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Regional Profile of the Information Society 2011
ICT Sector Profile - 2010
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Economic and Fiscal Impact of Broadband Networks and Services 2009
Innovative Infrastructure Sharing and Open Access Strategies
Role of Central Bank in E-Payment Initiatives
Profile of the Information Society 2009
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The ICT Industry 2007
Strengthening the Capacity of National Machineries through the Effective Use of ICT 2005
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Review of the ICT Sector 2001