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Sub-category: Mobile Telecommunications

Capital Investment Plan for Telecommunications
Telecommunication Factbook 2016 IDAL
Telecommunication Factbook 2015 IDAL
Telecommunication Public Policy Report 2014-2015 MoT
TRA Annual Report 2014 (Arabic)
TRA Spectrum Management 2014
Telecommunication Factbook 2013 IDAL
Preventing Illegally Imported Devices 2013 (Arabic)
Telecommunications Operational Licenses IDAL
Challenges Facing the Mobile Telecommunications Industry
Consumer Protection Guide TRA
Broadband From an Infrastructure Perspective 2010 TRA
Policy Measures for the Development of Telecom Sector
TRA Annual Report 2010
TRA Annual Report 2009
Business Reporting and Governnment Intevention in the Telecom Sector
TRA Annual Report 2008
Telecommunications Usage Patterns and Satisfaction 2008 TRA
Telecoms Market Overview and Statistics 2007
TRA Annual Report 2007
The Socio-Economic Impact of Mobile Phones in the Arab World 2006 MTC
Disruptive Innovation and its Implications on Telecom Industry
Telecommunications Sector and the Impact of Privatization on the Labor Market 1998