Industrial Surveys and Studies
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Sub-category: Industrial Surveys and Studies

Job Vacancies in Industrial Sector 2019 MoI
Permanent Industrial Survey 2019 MoI
Ministry of Industry Comments on McKinsey 2019 (Arabic)
Expanding in the Local Market 2018 MoI (Arabic)
Public Private Partnership a Chance to Revive the Industrial Sector 2018 MoI
Industry in the Battle of Economic Growth 2018 MoI (Arabic)
Clothes Study Report 2018 MoI
Industrial Statistical System 2018 MoI
Lebanon Stabilization and Recovery Programme 2017 UNDP
Brexit's Impact on Lebanon 2017 MoI
Economic Diplomacy 2017 MoI (Arabic)
Industry and Lira 2017 MoI (Arabic)
Economic Dependency 2017 MoI (Arabic)
Productivity Setbacks Impede Industry 2017 Blominvest
Assessment of EuroMed Agreement for Industrial Trade 2016 MoI (Arabic)
Tobacco Industry 2013 Blominvest
Industry Sector Report 2013 Blominvest
The Lebanese Experience in Industry 2013 IDAL
Lebanese Apparel Industry 2013 Blominvest
Industry in Lebanon 2011 CCIAB
Industrial Analysis 2010 CCIAB
Industrial Sector, Facts & Findings 2010 MoI