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Sub-category: Import and Export

Special Imports, Exports, Re-Exports, and Transit 2014-2018 Customs
Transit and Re-Export of Goods 2007-2018 Customs
Imports Value Per Country of Origin 2003-2018 Customs
Exports Value Per Country of Destination 2002-2018 Customs
Financing Exports 1997-2018 BDL
Imports Value Per Tariff Section 2003-2018 Customs
Exports Value Per Tariff Section 2003-2017 Customs
Exports Value by Customs Office 2007-2017 Customs
Trade Balance 1999-2017 Customs
EU-Lebanon Trade Statistics 2002-2017 EU
Average Custom Tariff Rate 1998-2012 Customs
Type of Damaging Activity 2003 PWC
Product Categories Affected By Smuggling and Lookalikes 2003 PWC
Counterfeiting by Product Category 2003 PWC