Healthcare Strategies and Reforms
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Sub-category: Healthcare Strategies and Reforms

Healthcare Marketing, An Empirical Study Among Lebanese Hospitals 2018 Lebanese Science Journal
Emergency Healthcare New Coverage 2018 UNHCR
Healthcare Quality and Safety 2018 USJ
Efficiency Analysis of Healthcare System 2018 EMU
Operational Response Plan for Health 2017 UN
Informal Syrian Health Workers in Lebanon 2018 UKAID
Healthcare Sector in Urgent Need of Reforms 2018 Blominvest
Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2017 UNHCR
Health Resilience Project 2017 World Bank
Supporting the Health Sector 2017 World Bank Group
Strategic Health Plan 2016 MoPH
The Syrian Crisis and Mental Health Reform 2016 MoPH
Non Communicable Diseases Plan 2016 MoPH
Sustainability and Equity Challenges: Some Arithmetic on Pension System 2016 IMF
Health Response Strategy 2015 MoPH
Strategic Review of Food and Nutrition Security 2016 ESCWA
WHO Country Cooperation Strategy 2013
Ministry of Public Health, Vision, Planning and Legislation 2012 MoPH
Health Reform 2010 MoPH
Country Cooperation Strategy for WHO & Lebanon 2010-2015
NSSF Reforms 2010
UNICEF Annual Report for Lebanon 2010-2014
Health System & Reform in Lebanon 2003 WHO
Strategy for National Healthcare Reform in Lebanon 2003 USJ