Renewable energy
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Sub-category: Renewable energy

Clean Tech Report 2018 IDAL
Best Practices Guidelines and Lessons Learned for On-grid and PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems 2018 UNDP
List of Interested Companies Participating in Proposal Submissions to Build Solar PV Farms 2017 LCEC
Derisking Renewable Energy Investments 2017 UNDP
Solar PV Status Report 2016 UNDP
Earthing and Lightning Over Voltage Protection for PV Plants 2016 UNDP
Renewable Energy in Lebanon 2015 ALMEE
Paving the Way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan-Lebanon Country Report Report 2016 EU
Hydropower Electricity 2014 MoEW
When will NEEREA Come To an End? 2014 LCEC
National Geothermal Resource Assessment for Lebanon 2014 GeoWatt AG Resources
The National Geothermal Resource Assessment Report 2014 CEDRO
Decentralized Solar Systems Applications: The Perspective of UNDP 2014 UNDP
PhotoVoltaic Electricity Booklet 2014 Cedro
Wind Energy: An Adequate Solution for Lebanon's Electricity Shortage 2014 Wind Energy
Net Metering Contract Agreement with Electricite du Liban 2014 EDL
Photovoltaic Plants 2013 Cedro
Hydropower: History and Statistics 2013 Cedro
Hydropower From Non River Sources:The Potential in Lebanon 2013 UNDP
Energy from Wastewater Sewage Sludge 2013 UNDP
Solar Water Heaters Market 2009-2013 LCEC
National Bioenergy Strategy 2012 Cedro
Concentrated Solar Power for Lebanon-Techno Economic Assessment 2012 UNDP
Environment Impact Assessment for Wind Farm Developents: Guideline Report 2012 UNDP
National Wind Atlas-Final Report 2011 UNDP
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2010 LCEC
Energy Efficiency Study Final Report 2009 World Bank
Energy and Environment Evaluation Report 2007 UNDP
Status and Potentials of Renewable Energy 2007 Green Line Association
GRASS-A New Building Rating System for Lebanon and Mediterranean ALMEE
Energy & Resources-Earth Trends Country profile 2003 Earth Trends