Sub-category: USAID Litani River Basin Management Support Program

Action Plan for Water Resources Awareness and Enforcement-2014 Download
Farmer Satisfaction Survey 2013-2014 Download
Groundwater Modeling Within the Upper Litani Basin-2013 Download
Modeling of New Gravity Diversions for Canal 900 Network-2013 Download
Establishment of a Water Federation of Municipalities-2013 Download
Expansion of Groundwater Monitoring Network in the Upper Litani River Basin-2013 Download
Qaraoun Reservoir Bathymetric Survey-2013 Download
Support to Collaborative Activities-2013 Download
Water Quality Index-2013 Download
Management Plan-2013 Download
An Economic Assessment of Water Use and Water Pollution in the Litani River Basin-2012 Download
Emergency Action Plan for Qaraoun Dam-2012 Download
Feasibility Study for Constructed Wetlands in the Litani River Basin-2012 Download
Water Quality Database Management-2012 Download
Water Pollution Awareness Campaign-2012 Download
Hydrogeologic Reference Report-2012 Download
Knowledge Assessment Survey-2012 Download
Land Use and Crop Classification Analysis for the Upper Litani River Basin-2012 Download
Problems and Solutions for Litani River Basin-2012 Download
Litani River Basin Management Plan-2012 Download
Setup of Surface and Groundwater Monitoring System within the Upper Litani River Basin-2012 Download
Flood Management Report- Arabic-2012 Download
Flood Management Report- English-2012 Download
Litani River Constructed Treatment Wetland-2012 Download
Seismic Deformation Analysis of Qaraoun-2012 Download
Rover Training and Dam Inspection-2012 Download
Restructuring the Litani River Authority-2012 Download
Litani River Flood Management Report-2012 Download
Farmer Satisfaction Survey-Dec 2012 Download
Farmer Satisfaction Survey-Jan 2012 Download
Dam Break Modeling for Qaraoun Dam VOL 1-2012 Download
Dam Break Modeling for Qaraoun Dam VOL 2-2012 Download
Dam Safety and Monitoring Plan-2011 Download
Demonstration Drip Irrigation Systems-2011 Download
Farmer Satisfaction Survey-2011 Download
Litani River Walk - Through Survey Report-2011 Download
Water Balance Report-2011 Download
Water Quality Survey-Wet season-2011 Download
Water Quality Survey-Dry Season-2011 Download
Water Quality Survey-Dry Season-2-2011 Download
USAID-Litani river flood field survey report-Aug 2010 Download
USAID-The role of the Litani River Authority-July 2010 Download
Dam Instrumentation Evaluation and Recommendations-2010 Download
Construction of Machghara Plain Irrigation Pipe-Design Report-2010 Download
Leakage Detection Survey-2010 Download
Litani Canal 900 Algae Control Testing and Validation-2005 Download