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Investment Promotion Law no. 360-2001 Download
Law 45 on Holding Companies-1983 Download
Law 46 on Offshore companies-1983 Download
Law 96 on Foreign companies-1926 Download
The IDAL Investment Promotion Unit (IPU) Download
Trademark Law Download
Investment Law No. 360 Download
Holding Companies Decree Law No 45 Download
Law on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property-1999 Download
Patents Law Download
Multilateral Investment-Related Agreements-MoF Download
Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs)-UNCTAD-2017 Download
Treaties with Investment Provisions (TIPS)-UNCTAD-2017 Download
Investment Related Instruments-UNCTAD-2017 Download
Double Taxation Treaties-IDAL-2016 Download
Review of Business Laws-ACRLI-2008 Download