Sub-category: Laws and Regulations

Investment Related Instruments-UNCTAD-2017 Download
Treaties with Investment Provisions (TIPS)-UNCTAD-2017 Download
Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs)-UNCTAD-2017 Download
Double Taxation Treaties-IDAL-2016 Download
Review of Business Laws-ACRLI-2008 Download
Consumer protection law-2005 Download
Multilateral Investment-Related Agreements-MoF Download
Investment Law No. 360-2001 Download
Patents law-2000 Download
Law on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property-1999 Download
Holding Companies Decree Law No 45-1983 Download
Law 46 on Offshore companies-1983 Download
Law 45 on Holding Companies-1983 Download
Trademark law-1946 Download
Law 96 on Foreign companies-1926 Download
The IDAL Investment Promotion Unit (IPU) Download