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Sub-category: Guides

Taxes and amendments-Law No 64-Sarkis Sakr & Partners
Annual Cut Fee-Ernst & Young-2018
Tax Highlights 2016-Deloitte
Tax Structure by Type of Business-IDAL-2016
Tax Guide-IDAL-2016
Income Tax Guide-Salaries-MoF-2015
Tax and Legal Guide-PWC-2015
Tax Procedures-Law no. 44-2008
Income Tax Guide for Self-Employed Professionals-MoF-2003
VAT Law 2001-2002-Arabic
VAT Law 2001-English
Law No 228: Regulating Privatization 2000
Rights and Obligations of Retired Civil Servants Guide (Arabic Version)
Income Tax Guide for Self-Employed Professionals
Guide to Tax Research in Lebanon
Stamp Duty Guide (Arabic Version)
Inheritance Tax Guide (Arabic Version)
Built Property Tax Guide (Arabic Version)
Budget Guide (Arabic Version)