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Lebanon Human Capital Index 2018 World Bank Group Download
Country strategic plan and social conditions 2018-2020 Download
National action plan for human rights in Lebanon 2014-2019 Download
Syrian Palestinian and Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon 2018 MedCrave Download
UN- World Bank Compact Lebanon 2018-2020 Download
UN annual report 2017 Download
Adolescent girls in Lebanon 2017 Download
UNDP Human Development Index Statistical Update on Gender 2017 Download
Crisis response plan 2017-2020 Download
Demographic profile and projection - 2017 Download
Gender Analysis in Lebanon 2017 AESA and Femconsult Download
LHSP-UNDP Annual Report 2017 Download
Decision to emigrate among the youth - 2017 Download
Palestine Refugees living in Lebanon 2017 UNRWA Download
Sustainable development goals - 2017 Download
Poverty, inequality and social protection - 2016 Download
Sustainability and equity challenges of pension system - 2016 Download
Situation of human rights - 2016 Download
Vulnerability assessment of Syrian refugees - 2016 Download
Habitat National Report 2016 Download
Gender Strategy of Lebanon 2016 UNDP Download
Social Stability Context of Nabatieh and Bint Jbeil Qazas 2016 UNDP Download
Situation of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon 2016 UNHCR Download
Social Stability Context in Marjaayoun and Hasbaya Qazas 2016 UNDP Download
Social Stability Context in Sahel Akkar 2016 UNDP Download
Gender Profile Lebanon 2016 Download
Migrant workers and class structure in Lebanon 2016 Download
Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2016 UNHCR Download
Promoting poverty reduction and shared prosperity - 2015 Download
Sustainable development - 2015 Download
Lebanese household conditions in 2015 Download
Impact of Humanitarian Aid on the Lebanese Economy 2015 UNDP Download
De-homogenising poverty in the Southern suburbs of Beirut 2015 Download
Social protection and safety nets in Lebanon 2015 Download
Mapping civil society organizations - 2015 Download
Survey on the Economic Status of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon 2015 UNRWA Download
Unions of municipalities - 2014 Download
Aging challenges and opportnities - 2014 Download
Lebanon Millenium Development Goals report 2013-2014 Download
Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Youth from Syria and Lebanon host communities 2014 ANERA Download
Migration Profile of Lebanon 2013 Download
Trafficking in human beings in Lebanon 2013 Download
National poverty targeting program 2013 Download
National youth policy 2012 Download
Social security and pensions in Lebanon 2012 Download
Population and housing in Lebanon 2012 Download
Women's citizenship rights - 2012 Download
Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon 2012 ANERA Download
Snapshot on poverty and labor market - 2011 Download
Measuring poverty technical report - 2011 Download
Gender equality profile - 2011 Download
Urban profile - 2011 Download
Human development report - 2011 Download
Status of women - 2011 Download
Distribution of residents - 2010 Download
Implications of rise in the value added tax - 2009 Download
Human development report - 2009 Download
Living conditions of women and children under 5 - 2009 Download
National human development report 2008-2009 Download
National human development report 2008-2009 Download
Poverty, growth, and income distribution - 2008 Download
Analysis of aging population in the Arab countries - 2008 Download
Millenium Development Goals 2008 Download
Child rights situation analysis for Lebanon 2008 Download
Poverty growth and income distribution in Lebanon 2008 Download
Trafficking in Lebanon 2008 Download
Household living conditions - 2007 Download
Population vital statistics in the ESCWA region - 2007 Download
Social indicators of sustainable development - 2007 Download
Post-conflict social and Livelihoods Assessment in Lebanon 2007 Download
Social action plan 2007 Download
Mapping of gender and development initiatives in Lebanon 2006 Download
Marginalised Community the Case of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon 2006 Development research Center on Migration Globalization Download
Gender strategy - 2006 Download
Social watch report on poverty - 2005 Download
Needs Assesmnet of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon 2005 Danish Refugee Council Download
Household living conditions - 2004 Download
Living Conditions among Palestinian Refugees in Camps and Gatherings in Lebanon 2002 Fafo Download
National Human Development Report Globalizatio 2001- 2002 Download
Development of mapping of living in Lebanon 1995-2004 Download
Lebanon poverty review 2000 Download
Social safety nets - 1996 Download