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National Compendium of Statistics on Environmental Statistics in Lebanon 2006 Download
FAO second biodiversity report Download
Environmental Impact of the July 2006 War Download
United Nations Forum on Forests Download
The National Report of Lebanon, Earth Summit 1992 Download
Lebanon National Report, Gateway to Land and Water Information Download
Statistical Analysis for Fires in Lebanon for the Year 2007 Download
Biological Diversity First National Report 1998 Download
Environmental Impact of off-grid electricty generating sector in Lebanon Download
Lebanon Country Environmental Report World Bank June 2011 Download
Environmental Governance-2010 Download
Lebanese Coastline Management Project Final report-2002 Download
Cost of environmental degradation-paper no 97-June 2004 Download
Lebanon Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment-2007 Download
Climate Change and Variability in Lebanon: Impact on Land Use Download
Climate Change and Tourism in Lebanon Download
Country Report on the Solid Waste Management Download
Analysis for European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Countries and the Russian Federation on social and economic benefits of enhanced environmental protection Download
Case Study on Lebanon’s National Strategy for Forest Fire Management Download
Effects of Trade Liberalization on Agriculture in Lebanon Download
Millennium Development Goals MDG Costing - Lebanon Download
State of the Energy in Lebanon Download
National Capacity Self‐Assessment (NCSA) Download
Solar Water Heating Techscope Market Readiness Assessment Download
Management of recyclable materials in municipalities-Omsar-Italian Embassy Download
NEEREA decree amendments - BDL 2011 Download
Residential solar heater market LCEC 2011 Download
Jabal Moussa Annual Report-The Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa 2013 Download
European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument Towards a Shared Environmental System « SEIS »-Lebanon Country Report Download
Green House Gas Audit Report-2013 Download
Biodiversity and natural heritage in Lebanon-Ministry of Environment Download
National Strategy for Forest Fires-2009 Download
The National Economic, Environment and Development Studies for Climate Change Project-2011 Download
First forestation plan-Ministry of Environment 2001 Download
National greenhouse gas inventory report and mitigation analysis for the land use, land use change, and forestry sector- Ministry of Environment 2013 Download
Solid waste management plan-2013 Download
Global forest resources assessment 2010-FAO Download
Global forest resource assessment-FAO 2005 Download
Climate finance loan schemes-Existing and planned loan schemes in Lebanon-Ministry of Environment Sep 2014 Download
Lake Qaraoun Pollution Prevention Project Download
Environmetal and social impact assessment of Polychlorinated biphenyls-undp 2014 Download
National waste management story-2013-Arabic Download
Lebanon Environmental Pollution Abatement Project-World Bank 2014 Download
Assessment of the effectiveness of the Cedro, global solar water heating market and the national action plan to mainstream climate change into Lebanon's development agenda-final report 2013 Download
Country Environmental Analysis-World Bank 2011 Download
Climate change country profile-UNDP Download
Technology needs assessment for climate change-UNDP Download
Lebanon's second national communication to the UNFCC-MoE 2011 Download
Waste management awareness campaign-OMSAR Download
National action programme to combat desertification Download
Renewable Energy and Industry-CEDRO October 2015 Download
Economic Cost of Climate Change-UNDP and Ministry of Environment 2016 Download
Optimal Renewable Energy Mix of the Power Sector by 2020- UNDP and Ministry of Environment 2015 Download
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report and Mitigation Analysis for the Agriculture Sector in Lebanon 2015 Download
The Solar PV Market Budding 2016-BlomInvest Download
Renewable energy and industry-UNDP 2015 Download
Third National Communication on Climate Change to UNFCCC-November 2016 Download
How to solve the waste crisis-BLOM 2015 Download
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report on Transport-UNDP 2015 Download
Clean technology factbook 2016-IDAL Download
Economic assessment of environmental degredation due to July 2006 hostilities-World Bank 2007 Download
Green house gas inventory 2013- Ministry of Environment 2017 Download
Solid waste management policy 2018-Ministry of Environment Download
Support to Reform: Environmental Governance Reform Programme-Ministry of Environment 2017 Download
Environmental Management Plan for Lebanese Land Administration Project-Ministry of Environment 2017 Download
Assessment of Solid Waste Management Practices in 2015-Ministry of Environment 2017 Download
Updated masterplan for the closure and rehabilitation of uncontrolled dumpsites-Ministry of Environment and UNDP 2017 Download