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Sub-category: Indicators

Industrial Exports 2018 Customs
Industrial Sector Contribution to GDP 2010-2017 CAS
Distribution of Industrial Permits 2017 MoI
Gross Value Added of Manufacturing 2004-2017 CAS
Industrial Permits 1st Half 2018 MoI
Industrial Permits 2017 MoI
Industrial Indicators June 2017 MoI
Imports of Industrial Equipment 2008-2018 MoI
Industrial Indicators 2016 ALI
Contribution of Industry in GDP, and subsector's contribution 2016 McKinsey
Water Production and Sales 2016 CAS
Industrial Permits 2nd half 2016 MoI
Industrial Permits 1st half 2016 MoI
Industrial Permits 2nd half 2015 MoI
Industrial Permits 1st half 2015 MoI
Tobacco Sales and Input 2015 Regiť
Distribution of Factories 2015
Distribution of Industrial Establishments 2012 MoF
Industrial Production Account 2011 CAS
Industrial Indicators 2010 MoI
Building Materials 2010 MoI
Industrial Indicators 1998 MoI