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documents needed when applying to be listed Download
Sequence of Operations in Midclear Download
Forbidding Opportunism-Law 160 (Arabic) Download
Mandated Controllers (Arabic) Download
Listing Regulation Download
Glossary of Regulations 2 Download
Offers of Securities Download
System of Operations on Derivatives (Arabic) Download
Know Your Customer Sample (Arabic) Download
Business Conduct Regulation Download
Regulations Glossary Download
Licensing & Registration Regulation Download
Market Conduct Regulation Download
Islamic Collective Investment Schemes (Arabic) Download
Financial Tools and Products (Arabic) Download
Assets Securitization (Arabic) Download
Collective Investment Schemes (Arabic) Download
Brokerage Firms Business (Arabic) Download
Providing the Control Unit with Required Documents & Appendix (Arabic) Download
Organization of Missions (Arabic) Download
Licensing Documents (Arabic) Download
Forbidding the Exploitation of Information (Arabic) Download
Compliance (Arabic) Download
Internal Audit (Arabic) Download
Disclosure Policy Download
Disclosure by Joint Stock Companies and Collective Investment Schemes (Arabic) Download
Crowdfunding (Arabic) Download
Code of Conduct for Businesses Dealing in Securities-CMA-2016 Download
Code of Conduct for Securities Markets-CMA-2016 Download
Account segregation-Custody services-CMA-2017 Download
Licensing and registration regulation-CMA-2017 Download
Price Manipulation-CMA-2016 Download
Qualifications for managerial tasks related to securities-CMA-2016 Download
By-laws of the Stock Exchange Download
The Stock Exchange’s Trading Manual-2009 Download
Capital Markets Law 161-2011 Download
Rules and Procedures-Midclear Download
Establishment of Midclear as Central Depository-Law No 139-1999 Download
E-Trading-BSE Circular 259-2008 Download
Remote Trading-BSE Circular 238-2006 Download
Role of the Capital Markets Authority-CMA-2015 Download
Sale of Financial Instruments upon Court Ruling-BSE Circular 364-2012 Download
The Stock Exchange's Law Download
Decisions of the Capital Markets Authority 2013-2014-ABL Download