Laws and Regulations
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Sub-category: Laws and Regulations

Regulation on Offers of Securities-Mar. 2018-CMA (Arabic)
Licensing and Registration Regulation 2017 CMA
Account Segregation-Custody Services-2017-CMA (Arabic)
Qualifications for Managerial Tasks Related to Securities 2016 CMA (Arabic)
Code of Conduct for Securities Markets-CMA-2016
Code of Conduct for Businesses Dealing in Securities-2016-CMA (Arabic)
Price Manipulation-2016-CMA (Arabic)
Role of the Capital Markets Authority -2015-CMA
Listing Regulation -2015- CMA
Regulation on Offers of Securities 2015 CMA
Collective Investment Schemes 2015 CMA
Decisions of the Capital Markets Authority 2013-2014 ABL (Arabic)
Sale of Financial Instruments Upon Court Rulings-BSE Circular 364-2012 (Arabic)
Capital Markets Law 161-2011
The Stock Exchange’s Trading Manual-2009
E-Trading-BSE Circular 259-2008 (Arabic)
Remote Trading-BSE Circular 238-2006 (Arabic)
Establishment of Midclear as Central Depository-Law No 139-1999
By-laws of the Stock Exchange 1995
The Stock Exchange’s Law 1983
Crowdfunding (Arabic)
Disclosure by Joint Stock Companies and Collective Investment Schemes (Arabic)
Disclosure Policy-CMA (Arabic)
Internal Audit-CMA (Arabic)
Compliance-CMA (Arabic)
Prohibition of the Exploitation of Information-CMA (Arabic)
Licensing Documents-CMA (Arabic)
Organization of Missions-CMA (Arabic)
Providing the Control Unit with Required Documents and Appendix-CMA (Arabic)
Brokerage Firms Business-CMA (Arabic)
Collective Investment Schemes –CMA (Arabic)
Assets Securitization-CMA (Arabic)
Financial Tools and Products-CMA (Arabic)
Islamic Collective Investment Schemes-CMA (Arabic)
Market Conduct Regulation 2015 CMA
Licensing & Registration Regulation
Regulations Glossary 2015 CMA
Business Conduct Regulation 2015 CMA
Know Your Customer Sample 2015 CMA (Arabic)
System of Operations on Derivatives CMA (Arabic)
Glossary of Regulations-Draft 2- 2015 CMA
Rules and Procedures-Midclear
Mandated Controllers (Arabic)
Prohibition of Opportunism-Law 160 (Arabic)
Sequence of Operations in Midclear
Documents Needed When Applying to be Listed